XTNDR Axle Medium

810676 | Silver | 1 pc.
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Paired with the Chaya XTNDR hangers aka trucks, XTNDR axles open the door to you to upgrade your skates and boost your park skating performance. The axles are made of super durable high-grade CroMo steel. Most park skates out there are equipped with rather narrow trucks which limit your skating performance. A common width of a truck incl axles is around 105mm. Thanks to the three different sizes of XTNDR trucks you can expand your base from 126mm (short) to 136mm (medium) and 146mm (large) which makes it easier to lock in on rails and copings. You even have the opportunity to create an asymmetrical wheelbase with a shorter axle on the inside of your skate to avoid the wheels touch too easily during skating. Chaya XTNDR trucks open the door for you to a whole new world of park skating. Learn or create new tricks, improve your style, or simply just enjoy your time in the skate park together with your friends.
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2,6" / 67mm
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Axle Type:
CroMo steel, standard with nut
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Width Truck incl. Axles (Inch / MM):
5,4" / 136mm
2 Years
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