Team 58/90A White, 4-pack

406184 | Black/White | 4-pack
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Undercover Team 58 / 90 White, 4-pack - Long-lasting aggressive wheels great for flat or anti-rocker setups. 58mm diameter, 90A hardness.

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Undercover Wheel brand of the year 2020 BIGWHEELBLADING award
Undercover Wheel brand of the year 2019 BIGWHEELBLADING award
Undercover Wheel brand of the year 2018 BIGWHEELBLADING award
Undercover Team 58 / 90 White 4-Pack Long-Lasting Aggressive Skating Wheels Undercover’s Full Selection of Wheels to Match Your Skating Style Undercover (UC) is the leading urban, freestyle, and aggressive aftermarket wheel brand. With years of experience and research under our belts, UC offers a wide range of purpose-made wheels, making it easy for you to find the perfect setup. Durable, Multi-purpose Wheels for Aggressive Skating Flat, anti-rocker, freestyle - the Undercover Team 58 / 90 White is a versatile wheel that works well with all sorts of wheel setups. They are made from the finest American PU to create fast-rolling, but incredibly abrasion-resistant wheels. The PU is bonded to a strong hub to give you a solid and stable platform which is ideal for landing grinds or big airs. At 58mm the wheel delivers ample speed without being too big to affect your balance or stability. With a 90A hardness, the Undercover Team 58 / 90 White is durable and long-lasting.
Wheel Overview:
Undercover Team 58; 58mm / 88A; UHR= Ultra High Rebound - Made in USA
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Wheel Diameter:
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Wheel Hardness:
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Wheel Compound:
UHR= Ultra High Rebound - Made in USA
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Wheel Profile:
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Wheel Core:
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Wheel Bearing Standard:
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Wheel Spacer:
AL floating spacer, 8mm
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Wheel Width:
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Wheel Manufacturing Process:
2 Years
Technology_General_UHR= Ultra High Rebound