UC Wheels - About us

The World’s Best Wheels for Aggressive and Urban Inline Skating

UNDERCOVER WHEELS sets the standard for aggressive and urban inline skating wheels. At UC, we’re passionate about making the best wheels possible and believe there is no such thing as ‘good enough’.

Through years of testing and research, UC has developed innovative wheel technologies and the best PU compound on the market – high-quality, high-rebound, responsive, smooth, and long-lasting. UC wheels are available in durometers spanning 45mm - 125mm in a wide range of profiles and hubs so you can find the perfect wheel to match and augment your skating style.

The best wheels on the market need the designs to match and UC wheels incorporate creative graphics and bright colors so you can roll in style. There’s little wonder why the world’s best inline skaters ride UC wheels. From aggressive and freeride to freestyle, big wheel, and even fitness skating - you can do it all on Undercover Wheels.

The History of UC Wheels 

UNDERCOVER Wheels was born out of another groundbreaking aggressive and urban-focused inline skating company - KIZER Frames. Just as KIZER was/is focused on innovative and capable frames, the same sort of focus was needed to drive inline skating wheel technologies and performance forward.  


UNDERCOVER Wheels was founded in 2004 to produce the highest quality wheels possible for aggressive and different types of urban skating. Inline skating has no limits or rules; UNDERCOVER is dedicated to bringing you the wheels you need to discover what you’re truly capable of on inline skates. 

UC Milestones

It’s not always easy to produce the best inline skating wheels on the market. We’re constantly looking to improve our products and bring skaters what they need to express themselves on inline skates. We’re proud to have brought new, innovative wheel technologies to the market. 


A few key technologies and milestones include:

  • First company to offer dual-density aggressive skating wheels in 2014 (Perfect for landing gaps, extra suspension)
  • Introduced clear cores in 2010
  • First brand to offer a full range of wheels, 45mm - 125mm diameters
  • First wheel company to offer 60mm round profile wheels for flat
  • Developed UHR formula
  • First company to test aluminum cores

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