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We’re the wheel experts. Learn more about inline skating wheels and the technologies behind them.

It many not seem like it, but inline skating wheels are full of innovative technologies and unique characteristics. From different cores, profiles, and durometers to unique polyurethane (PU) formulas, a lot goes into developing high-quality wheels. Take a minute and check out our easy-to-follow guide that explains the ins and outs of inline skating wheel technology.

The all-new UHR PU-formula is going to change your skating performance. This PU has been under development for many years and has an incredibly low rolling resistance and comfortable ride. UHR offers a higher speed than a regular SHR wheel as well as a better grip. The UHR PU-formula is used in various types of wheels including speed skating wheels, aggressive, urban as well as roller skate wheels.

ALU Core

The Aluminum hub has been developed for maximum performance. The stiffness of the ALU hub brings a faster roll and an increased stability to your wheels. It will also change your weight distribution across the wheels improving the rolling effect. The Aluminum core also provides a better spinning effect and a greater consistency on the edge-to-edge transfer. Depending on the core size it can be trickier to manage extreme edges, so we would generally recommend these cores for smooth surfaces. They will work great under all conditions but really excels your speed and performance when used on a nice smooth surface.


The DFT core has been developed for maximum performance and comfort. Specifically designed with energy management in mind. The spokes of the core offer a great balance between flex and stiffness for a great roll when skating in straight lines but also generate this extra “pop” which means you get that extra bit of energy when cornering and they also provide you with excellent grip at top speeds. The DFT core comes in different materials for increased stiffness or added flex. It helps the skater to get energy back from the push to save even more energy. The grip during the push and in the corner is also upgraded because it will provide more footprint. This hub technology will help you to feel comfortable on rough surfaces, without any compromise in the performance.


Undercover has never given up on our goal of working in harmony with the planet. Our injection molded parts use a minimum of 40% recycled materials or added wheat to it, as well as our wheel cores. The urethanes contains 45% of corn base. There is no chemical ink. It’s time to “Roll for change”.