PL Classic Black + Ice Blade Cover bundle

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PL Classic Black (Size)
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With a classic style and a modern matte black finish, there’s a lot to like about the PLAYLIFE Classic Black ice skate. Designed to be a capable, good-looking, and affordable ice skate, the Classic Black is perfect for beginners, advanced skaters, and everyone in between. The exterior of the attractive boot is made of vegan-friendly synthetic leather that’s durable and water-repellent, so you can skate all day long in dry comfort. The interior of the ice skate is quite comfortable, incorporating anatomically placed paddings that provide ample support, balance, and control. The Playlife Classic Black comes with a strong and pre-sharpened 303 Stainless steel alloy blade that’s ready to glide smoothly on natural and artificial ice surfaces. A fantastic value, PLAYLIFE offers this impressive ice skate in four other colors, including White, Fresh Mint, Charming Rose, and Patrol. 


Additionally includes the Powerslide ice blade covers to protect your blades when walking off the ice. The universal blade guard is made of durable plastic material and fits all common straight-blade ice skates.

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