Onyx Boot

810525 | Black/Silver | Pair
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284,99 €

Chaya Onyx Roller Derby Boot - Easily heat moldable, featuring 2-point Dual Center Mount, lightweight and durable carbon/glassfiber shell.

36 EU
5 (US M), 6 (US W), 4 (UK), 229mm (Mondo)
37 EU
5,5 (US M), 6,5 (US W), 4,5 (UK), 236mm (Mondo)
38 EU
6 (US M), 7 (US W), 5 (UK), 242mm (Mondo)
39 EU
7 (US M), 8 (US W), 6 (UK), 248mm (Mondo)
40 EU
7,5 (US M), 8,5 (US W), 6,5 (UK), 255mm (Mondo)
41 EU
8 (US M), 9 (US W), 7 (UK), 261mm (Mondo)
42 EU
9 (US M), 10 (US W), 8 (UK), 268mm (Mondo)
43 EU
10 (US M), 11 (US W), 9 (UK), 275mm (Mondo)
44 EU
10,5 (US M), 9,5 (UK), 282mm (Mondo)
45 EU
11 (US M), 10 (UK), 289mm (Mondo)
46 EU
12 (US M), 11 (UK), 296mm (Mondo)
47 EU
12,5 (US M), 11,5 (UK), 303mm (Mondo)
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If you’re looking for a high-quality, high-performance, durable roller derby boot, look no further - the Chaya Onyx boot is exactly what you’re looking for. The shell of this impressive roller derby boot is made of a combination of lightweight carbon fiber and silver glass-fiber, giving you excellent responsiveness and superb power transfer. The Chaya Onyx boot has a low-cut design that gives your ankle increased freedom of movement, while still giving you the support you need for intense roller derby action. To further improve control and comfort, the Chaya Onyx boot has a traditional lacing system combined with a 45-degree strap that locks your heel perfectly in place. The Onyx features our unique 2-point Dual Center Mount (DCM) mounting system which enables you to attach any type of Chaya plate without drilling holes. DCM also allows you to adjust your plate both forward and backward and side to side, further advancing your individual skating style. Do you prefer another brand of skate plate? No problem - The Chaya Onyx roller derby boot can also use a standard mount so you can use can easily adapt the skate to fit any plate in the market. The Chaya Onyx is a high-quality, easily customizable roller derby boot that’s ready to take your game to a whole new level.
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Chaya carbon composite shell; low cut; 2-point Dual Center Mounting (DCM); built-in liner / microfiber; MYFIT shell with 100°C
2-point Dual Center Mounting (DCM) & Standard mounting
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380g (size 42)
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Boot Type:
Low cut
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Single sizes, full sizes only
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Shell / Outsole Material:
Carbon composite + design glass-fiber
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Heat Moldability:
MYFIT shell with 100°C
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Material Upper:
Polyurethane (PU) leather, real leather
Details icon
Built-in liner / Microfiber
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MYFIT derby techsole
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Plate Mounting Standard:
2-point Dual Center Mounting (DCM) & Standard mounting
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Boot Closure:
Velcro strap, standard waxed lacing
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Length of Laces per Shoesize:
155cm (36-42), 160cm (43-47)
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Roller Skate Height in CM:
9,5cm (size 41)
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Shell / Outsole:
Chaya carbon composite shell
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Shell / Outsole Sizes:
36-47 EU
2 Years
Technology_Roller Skates_Carbon Flex shell
Technology_Roller Skates_MYFIT Heat Molding
Technology_Roller Skates_DCM= Dual Center Mount
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