Cherry Bomb Toe Stop Orange

810509 | Orange | Pair
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The Chaya Cherry Bomb orange color toe stop is a combination of grippy natural rubber paired with long-lasting and durable synthetic rubber components. The flat head stopper with its wide surface area of 48mm in diameter provides stability and a predictable bite needed for acceleration and fast stops. Cherry Bomb stopper are available with either a long and short aluminum cast hollow stem. Short stems are widely used in park skating but also skaters who like to dance prefer to use a stopper with a short stem. Long stem toe stops are preferred among derby players and are also used for lifestyle skates. The Chaya Cherry Bomb toe stops won’t leave marks on the floor and work great on all kinds of surfaces including wood, sport court, concrete, or asphalt.
Cherry Bomb Orangestoppers
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66g ( 1 pc.)
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30mm stem (long), 18mm (short)
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Toe Stoppers Name:
Cherry Bomb Orange
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short - 18 mm, thread 5/8\"
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Toe Stopper Shape:
flat, 48mm diameter
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Toe Stopper Material:
NR/SBR = natural rubber / styrene-butadiene rubber
2 Years
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