Kismet Barbiepatin Black

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Kismet Barbiepatin Black Pro Roller Skates - Pro model roller skates designed for the skatepark. Shari composite plate, 56mm wheels, WICKED bearings.

Other versions:
36 EU
5 (US M), 6 (US W), 4 (UK), 230mm (Mondo)
37 EU
5,5 (US M), 6,5 (US W), 4,5 (UK), 236mm (Mondo)
38 EU
6 (US M), 7 (US W), 5 (UK), 243mm (Mondo)
39 EU
7 (US M), 8 (US W), 6 (UK), 250mm (Mondo)
40 EU
7,5 (US M), 8,5 (US W), 6,5 (UK), 257mm (Mondo)
41 EU
8 (US M), 9 (US W), 7 (UK), 263mm (Mondo)
42 EU
9 (US M), 10 (US W), 8 (UK), 270mm (Mondo)
43 EU
10 (US M), 11 (US W), 9 (UK), 277mm (Mondo)
44 EU
10,5 (US M), 9,5 (UK), 284mm (Mondo)
45 EU
11 (US M), 10 (UK), 292mm (Mondo)
46 EU
12 (US M), 11 (UK), 298mm (Mondo)
47 EU
13 (US M), 12 (UK, 305mm (Mondo)
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Introducing the new Black Kismet - Fourth Edition
Experience the ultimate in street and skatepark performance with the all-new Black Kismet by Chaya skates and Barbie patin.

 New Features:

  • Reinforced Construction: Enhanced durability ensures your skates can handle the toughest conditions.
  • Protective Toe Cap: Prevents front-end scratches for a sleek, long-lasting appearance. 
  • New Diamond Slider: Provides enhanced stability during slides and grinds, making every trick smoother. The new slider has a large and wide surface including some nice grooves that allows you to try any slides with more stability on your ankles and the best thing about them, they are very light and very easy to control on Rails, steel surfaces or ledges.
  • Wider Trucks: Added length for better control and balance, made of highest/grade forged aluminum material including durable CroMo steel axles 2,8/72mm hangers.
  • High-Speed Hard Wheels: Barbie Patin signature hard wheels 100a 56mm Paired with top-of-the-line wicked bearings for maximum speed and performance, durability, and value. High quality chrome steel and lubricated with Kyodo grease.
  • Fully Assembled: Ready for action straight out of the box - no additional assembly required.

Style Meets Functionality
The Black Kismet has been taken a step further with renovated typography and reflective accents that illuminate in the dark or under the flash.The skate design strikes the perfect balance between flat and slightly heeled boots, offering both functionality and a sleek, sneaker-like style. And let’s face it, looking cool is always a priority, especially with the timeless elegance of classic black.

Brilliance in the Dark
Why settle for ordinary when you can have brilliance? This new Kismet comes alive in the dark and dazzles in the presence of flashes. Even the stars adorning the laces emit their own radiant glow. Every detail counts, even in the dark, ensuring you stand out no matter the lighting.

Beyond nailing specific technical tricks, skating is about finding your own flow too. These skates are meticulously created to facilitate seamless movement and pure enjoyment, they are light and you will have the opportunity to feel them like another part of your body.

 Where style meets performance 
Ready to conquer the streets and skateparks? The Black Kismet is here to elevate your skating experience to the next level. Don’t miss out on this perfect combination of style, functionality, and innovation.

Product Overview_Level_01_beginner
Product Overview_Level_02_intermediate
Product Overview_Level_03_advanced
Chaya_Product Overview_Support_03_high
Chaya_Product Overview_Forward_Flex_03_high
Chaya_Product Overview_Speed_03_fast
Chaya_Product Overview_Last_03_trufit
Chaya Vintage outsole; mid cut; built-in liner / textile; not heat moldable
Chaya Shari; glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK; injection molding; standard mounting; Pro Park AL forged truck; Chaya Controller toe stop; Karma grind block
Chaya Kismet Barbie Lu Pro, 56mm*32mm / 101A, Outdoor, Elite Performance
Wicked; ABEC 9; chrome steel balls; carbon steel race ways
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Details icon
1570g (size 42)
Details icon
Boot Type:
Mid cut
Details icon
Single sizes, full sizes only
Details icon
Shell / Outsole Material:
Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK
Details icon
Heat Moldability:
Not heat moldable
Details icon
Material Upper:
Pu-leather, real leather
Details icon
Built-in liner / Textile
Details icon
EVA innersole
Details icon
Details icon
Plate Name:
Chaya Shari
Details icon
Plate Mounting Standard:
2-point Dual Center Mounting (DCM) & Standard mounting
Details icon
Plate Material:
Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK
Details icon
Plate Manufacturing Process:
Injection molding
Details icon
Truck Name:
Chaya Pro Park
Details icon
Truck Angle:
Details icon
Truck Hanger:
AL forged
Details icon
Truck Hanger Width (Inch / MM):
1,77" / 45mm
Details icon
Axle Type:
Standard with nut
Details icon
Width Truck incl. Axles (Inch / MM):
4,1" / 105mm
Details icon
Power Toe System (PTS):
Details icon
Cushions Name:
Jelly Interlock
Details icon
Cushions Material:
Casted polyurethane (PU), SHR = super high rebound
Details icon
Cushions Hardness:
Details icon
Cushions Height:
15mm barrel, 12mm cone
Details icon
Toe Stoppers Name:
Chaya Controller
Details icon
Off Set Toe Stopper:
Details icon
Toe Stopper Fixation:
Details icon
Short - 18mm
Details icon
Toe Stopper Shape:
Details icon
Toe Stopper Material:
NR/SBR = natural rubber / styrene-butadiene rubber
Details icon
Wheel Name:
Kismet barbie Lu Pro Wheel
Details icon
Wheel Diameter:
Details icon
Wheel Hardness:
Details icon
Wheel Compound:
Outdoor, Elite Performance
Details icon
Wheel Bearing Standard:
608 standard
Details icon
Wheel Width:
Details icon
Bearing Brand:
WCD Wicked
Details icon
Bearing Rating:
Details icon
Bearing Standard:
608 standard
Details icon
Bearing Material:
Carbon pro steel
Details icon
Bearing Shield:
RZ, single sided rubber coated steel shield
Details icon
Bearing Lubrication:
Details icon
Included Accessories:
Hex 4mm tool, hex 5mm tool, 3/8\" spanner, 1/2\" socket wrench
Details icon
Boot Closure:
Standard lacing
Details icon
Length of Laces per Shoesize:
170cm (36-38), 180cm (39-42), 200cm (43-47)
Details icon
Grind Block Material:
Details icon
Grind Block Name:
Diamond Slider
Details icon
Grind Block Sizes:
S (size 36-37), M (size 38-39), L (size 40-43), XL (size 44-46)
Details icon
Roller Skate Height in CM:
23cm (size 41)
Details icon
Shell / Outsole:
Chaya Vintage
Details icon
Shell / Outsole Sizes:
36-47 EU
Details icon
Wheel Manufacturing Process:
Max. tested User Weight:
2 Years
EN Standard
EN 13899:2003
Letter of Conformity
Technology_Roller Skates_PTS= Power Toe System
Technology_Roller Skates_Offset Toestop
Technology_General_PU-Leather Nano Material
Technology_Roller Skates_Interlock Cushions
Technology_General_SHR= Super High Rebound
Technology_Roller Skates_3D Cast
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