Diamond Slider Black

810783 | Black | Pair
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S (plate size 3-4)
M (plate size 5-6)
L (plate size 7-9)
XL (plate size 10-13)
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Chaya´s Diamond slider are compatible with popular plates and are very easy to install without removing the plate. The Slider are made of super fast and very durable UHMW material. UHMW is a well known and loved material used in many skates from USD, the #1 aggressive skate brand. The slider has a large and wide surface aincluding some nice grooves that not just allow you to do frontside and backside slides but also help to learn royals, unity or backslides. Diamond Sliders are available in 4 sizes. They are the perfect slider for beginner as well as for skate vets.
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S (plate size 3-4), M (plate size 5-6), L (plate size 7-9), XL (plate size 10-13)
2 Years
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