Lorenzo Guslandi

UC Undercover Pro Team

Name: Lorenzo Guslandi

Country: Italy

Current Location: Monza

Undercover since: 2015

Current Skate Setup: Powerslide Tau 90 with 225mm trinity katana frame 3 wheels with 84mm Undercover wheels and Wicked Twincam ILQ 9 PRO bearing

Favorite wheel size: 84mm 

Favorite profile: Bullet profile

Current Wheel setup: 3 wheels 84mm Undercover blank wheels 

Are you into Big wheels? Hell yeah hahaha! I’m the pioneer of 3 big wheels into freestyle slalom. I tried the first time at the end of December 2016 and since that day I have never gone back to 4 small wheels

Flat or antirocker? Rockering setup as I’m a freestyle slalom skater eh eh

What color under your feet? Red and yellow are the colors under my feet that excite me the most because they are energizing and powerful