Twelve in a row… and counting!

Celebrate with us as we clench the Berlin Inline Marathon Victory for the 12th consecutive time!

The air was brisk, but spirits were high during last weekend’s Berlin Marathon! Under favorable conditions, our team secured victories in both the women's and men's races.
The sensational Gabriela Rueda led the women's race, followed closely by her compatriot Karoll García Arias. They broke away early and finished with a time of 1:08:59, averaging a speed of 36.7km/h! Congratulations to last year's winner Marie Dupuy, who perfected the Powerslide World Team's triumph by winning the field sprint!

In the men's race, 8-time Berlin-Champion Bart Swings and Jason Suttels showcased incredible synergy and speed. In acknowledgment of Jason's relentless support throughout the season and his crucial role in Bart's 4 world titles, Bart generously allowed Jason the win in the Berlin Marathon. Crossing the finish line at 57:01, they averaged an impressive speed of 44.1 km/h. This double victory marks our team's twelfth consecutive win in the world's largest inline marathon. We couldn’t be prouder. Congratulations team!

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