CERAMIC 608 16-Pack Inline, TUBE

310065 | black | 16 pcs.
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Ceramic 608 (16-pack) is the fastest Wicked bearing with 7 balls and Titanium treatment.

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Wicked Ceramic 608 Bearings – a pinnacle of precision engineering designed for those who demand the absolute best in performance. Crafted for ultra-fast skating experiences, these bearings embody low friction, high durability, and minimal weight, ensuring an unparalleled ride for discerning skaters. The Ceramic Bearing Tube (16-pack), a remarkable creation from Wicked, features a 7-ball Tech design meticulously crafted with the finest ceramic materials available. Engineered to meet the highest demands of elite skaters, these bearings are a testament to uncompromising quality and cutting-edge technology. Inspired by the Olympic medalist Bart Swings. Now you can skate with the same precision and speed that propels Bart to victory, or simply showcase your admiration for his exceptional talent. Elevate your own performance with this high-quality product. Whether you dream of racing ahead of the pack or merely appreciate the thrill of skating, the Wicked Ceramic 609 Bearings bring you one step closer to the experience of a true champion. Unleash the speed, embrace the durability, and defy gravity with these exceptional bearings – because Wicked skater deserves the best.
Wicked; 7 balls; ceramic balls, chrome steel race ways
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Bearing Brand:
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Bearing Standard:
608 standard
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Bearing Shield:
RZ, single sided rubber coated steel shield
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Bearing Lubrication:
High temp oil
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Number of Balls:
7 Balls
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Material Bearing Balls:
Si3N4 Ceramic
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Material Bearing Rings:
Chrome steel
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Material Bearing Cage:
2 Years