Shadow Dustin Latimer Footwrap

710243 | Grey / Black | Pair
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79,99 €

USD Shadow footwraps are hgh quality sneaker type shoes that fit also perfectly into the Shadow USD skates.

38 EU
6 (US M), 7 (US W), 5 (UK), 242mm (Mondo)
39 EU
7 (US M), 8 (US W), 6 (UK), 248mm (Mondo)
40 EU
7,5 (US M), 8,5 (US W), 6,5 (UK), 255mm (Mondo)
41 EU
8 (US M), 9 (US W), 7 (UK), 261mm (Mondo)
42 EU
9 (US M), 10 (US W), 8 (UK), 268mm (Mondo)
43 EU
10 (US M), 11 (US W), 9 (UK), 275mm (Mondo)
44 EU
10,5 (US M), 9,5 (UK), 282mm (Mondo)
45 EU
11 (US M), 10 (UK), 290mm (Mondo)
46 EU
12 (US M), 11 (UK), 296mm (Mondo)
47 EU
12,5 (US M), 11,5 (UK), 303mm (Mondo)
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USD Shadow rekindles the spirit of the original DL Xsjado skates with a reimagined footwrap design. Unlike most footwear, the footwraps and crossliners of the Shadow Skate aren't primarily intended for walking. Instead, they are optimized for providing additional stability, heel lock, and power transfer while skating. This design emphasizes the core purpose of inline skates, delivering a skate that performs exceptionally well. The new Xgrip outsole is molded after the Shadow soulplate, ensuring a seamless fit between the components of the skate. This integration, coupled with the Shadow cuff and shock absorber, results in a lower center of gravity. The benefits are numerous, including enhanced lateral support, improved fit, superior cushioning, secured heel lock and reinforced toecap. Skaters can expect a responsive ride that's second to none.
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Medium to wide
fully functional shoe / liner for walking
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38-47 EU
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Shell / Outsole Material:
rubber and EVA
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Heat Moldability:
Not heat moldable
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Material Upper / Liner:
Nylon, Nonoleather, Canvas
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Top Closure:
Veclro strap & rubber band
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45° Closure / Front Foot Closure:
Velcro strap
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Shadow footwrap
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MYFIT EVA skatesole
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Shoe Upper Material:
composite plastic, polyurethane (PU) nano-leather
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Shoe outsole Material:
Shockabsorbing EVA and rubber sole
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Shoe Closure:
Veclro strap
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Shoe Durability:
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Shoe Innersole:
MYFIT EVA skatesole
2 Years