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Innovation, it’s in our DNA. 2022 marks USD’s 25th anniversary and in that quarter-century, we have designed and produced some of the most innovative, revolutionary skates the sport has ever seen, and we’re not done yet.

For 2021 we launched the USD Aeon Mery Muñoz, the first USD pro model of a female pro skater. Mery is one of the best in the world and her signature skate is certainly deserved.

The USD Sway is proof that you shouldn’t judge a book, or skate, by its cover. What started out as an entry-level aggressive skate has become a popular option for aggressive skaters looking for a slim-fitting hard boot skate. With a slim shell and a high cuff, the Sway gives you the perfect blend of flex and support. Paired with the new slimmer soul plate, the Sway has become the skate of choice for all skill levels, from beginners and pro riders, such as Chris Farmer.

Stay tuned for something truly special - the all-new USD Shadow Eugen Enin pro skate. Eugen contributed considerably to the new design which improves fit and performance while delivering a fresh new look.

Last but not least, we are releasing an exclusive limited-edition collection of USD All-Star skates, resembling some of our most iconic designs as a tribute to the most loyal skaters from the past two decades.

But there is more to come. Stay tuned for a year full of surprises and the years to come!

1998 Classic Throne

USD changed the history of aggressive skating with the release of the iconic Classic Throne. A fully customizable aggressive skate, the Classic Throne was compatible with accessories by third-party brands. By improving customization and promoting collaboration between different companies, this approach has helped accelerate innovation over the past two decades.

2000 Psirus

USD Introduced the Psirus skate with its iconic two-color decoration and the revolutionary soul wings featuring for the first time a negative soul. It easily became one of the most popular silhouettes of that time with promodels of Dustin Latimer, Brian Shima, Champion Baumstimler and Kevin Gillian and featuring third-party frames and wheels by Senate, Kizer, 50/50 and Mindgame and offering the first time aluminum soul plates.

2002 UFS Throne

This was the first USD boot designed with UFS mounting, including a flat sole and a new streamlined soul plate system.

2005 Transformer

USD unveiled the first size-adjustable inline aggressive kids skate in 2005. The innovative skate allows growing kids to learn how to grind, slide, and get big air. Comfortable, supportive and a great investment for active kids, the USD Transfomer ensures young rollers have a capable, well-fitting aggressive skate for years to come.

2011 Carbon II

The first aggressive skate with a carbon fiber shell, the USD Carbon brought performance to a whole new level. Heat-moldable with a supportive external cuff, thin soul, and 45-degree strap, this feature-packed skate set a new standard for aggressive skates.

2015 Aeon

The first unibody aggressive skate to hit the market, the AEON completely revolutionized the industry. Lightweight, low to the ground, and with fewer parts than traditional skates, the AEON is stable, durable, and unlike any other aggressive skate out there.

The USD AEON has received several awards including Best Aggressive Inline Skate by ONE BLADE MAG, Be-mag, and Big Wheel Blading.

2021 New Shadow

As the aggressive market declined around 2010, Xsjado skates had a tough time being a smaller brand, that’s when USD stepped in to keep its heritage alive. With Dustin Latimer, a former USD PRO skater and Shane Coburn being a former USD designer and team manager. Alongside Chris Farmer who also skated for Deshi before moving to Xsjado, it was only natural to incorporate it under the USD umbrella. Now in 2021 a new and reworked USD Shadow skate is coming out: the Eugen Enin Pro model with several key updates to the previous models, creating a new take on this classic design, perfect for a modern pro like Eugen.

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