Shadow Cuff 1.0 darkgreen

730128 | Darkgreen | Pair
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small size= 37-42 EU, 4-8 US
big size: 43-47 EU, 8.13 US
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The original Xsjado cuff, high cut, one piece, fully supportive with flex cuts on the top. Works best with top strap and 45° flap. Comes in two sizes and multiple colors.
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small size = 37-42, 4-8, big size = 43-47, 8,5-13
2 Years
USD X- Crews Brand of the year 2020: USD - 1st place
USD X-Crews Brand of the year 2019: USD - 1st place
USD One mag brand of the year 2017: USD Skates
USD One mag brand of the year 2015: USD Skates