Kizer Supreme Buckle Set complete Silver L / R - 20cm

800591 | Silver | 1 set
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19,99 €

Upgrade your skates with Kizer Supreme Aluminum Buckle Set in silver. Low profile, lightweight, and equipped with a built-in protector. Available in 15cm, 18cm, 20cm, and 22cm lengths. Ensure a perfect fit for your skates!

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The Kizer Supreme Buckle set in silver revolutionized the buckle game, and we're not holding back. The Kizer Supreme Aluminum Buckle is the missing piece in your skate setup that's going to level up your game. This ain't your average buckle – it's low profile, lightweight, and boasts a built-in buckle protector. Say goodbye to those gnarly wipeouts that leave your buckles hanging by a thread. The buckle strap is available in 20cm length.
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L = 20cm
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Feature 1:
Durable plastic strap
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Feature 2:
2 Years