AL Grindblock (Element & Unlimited)

800316 | Silver | Pair
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KIZER Element II Grindblock - Cast aluminum replacement grindblock. Made with 50% recycled material. Ideal for skatepark and bowl skating.

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Coping, rails, and ledges will eventually wear the central grind, making grinds slower and less controlled. The KIZER Element II Grindblock is an essential replacement part that extends the life of the famous Element II frame, allowing you to have endless fun and push your limits in the skatepark. Easily replaceable, the frame is designed to easily install onto your Element II frame. The KIZER Element II Grindblock is a casted aluminum block made with the highest grade raw material. As an important step toward sustainability and to reduce its environmental footprint, the frame includes 50% recycled material. The grindblock helps deliver the ultimate skatepark experience. The hollow chamber construction makes the frame nice and light allowing you to skate faster, grind further, and get huge air, while the grindblock is perfectly shaped to lock on to coping, rails, ledges and all sorts of other grindable obstacles.
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Frame Material:
AL 356
2 Years