Joker Blue Sky Combo

880327 | Black/Blue | Pair
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Playlife Joker Blue Sky Combo - Fun, size-adjustable inline kids skate complete with knee pads, elbow pads, and wristguards right in the box.

Other versions:
28-31 (skates); XXS (protective gear set)
Jr. 10 - Jr. 13 (US Kids), Jr. 9 - Jr. 12 (UK), 171mm - 195mm (Mondo)
31-34 (skates); XS (protective gear set)
Jr. 13 - 3 (US Kids), Jr. 12 - 2 (UK), 195mm - 219mm (Mondo)
34-37 (skates); S (protective gear set)
3 - 5,5 (US Kids), 2 - 4,5 (UK), 219mm - 243mm (Mondo)
37-40 (skates); M (protective gear set)
5,5 - 7,5 (US Kids), 4,5 - 6,5 (UK), 243mm - 267mm (Mondo)
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There’s no need to feel blue when your child is rolling on the PLAYLIFE Sky Blue combo inline skate kids skate. Your little roller will love the fast, fun Joker Blue Sky skate, and parents will love the fact that all the pads your child needs for a safe day of rolling come right in the box. The skate is durable, safe, and size-adjustable and therefore a great investment for parents. Since the skate can adjust to 4 different sizes, you can have peace of mind knowing your child will have a capable, well-fitting inline skate for seasons to come. Your child will love the PLAYLIFE Joker Blue Sky Combo because it’s fast, stable, and above all, fun. The skate has a lightweight unibody shell construction that doesn't just look good, but also offers excellent performance. Your kids will love ripping around the neighborhood with friends. The PLAYLIFE Joker Blue Sky Combo really is the full package: a size-adjustable, reliable inline kids softboot skate complete with knee pads, elbow pads, and wristguards right in the box - what’s not to like?
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Product Overview_Level_02_intermediate
Product Overview_Level_03_advanced
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Product Overview_Speed_03_medium
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Hardboot; standard side mounting; two piece construction with EVA padding; not heat moldable
Unibody; polypropylene (PP); 28-31 = 7.8" (197mm) / 31-34 = 8.6" (218mm) / 34-37 = 8.8" (224mm) / 37-40 = 10.0" (254mm); 4x64mm / 4x70mm / 4x72mm / 4x76mm
Playlife; 64/70/72mm / 82A; HR = High Rebound, Cruising Comfort
Wicked; ABEC 5; carbon steel
Compatibility Joker Brake Pad
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930g (size 32-35)
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Boot Type:
Details icon
4-Sizes adjustable (skates) ; XXS, XS, S, M (protective gear set)
Details icon
Shell / Outsole Material:
Polypropylene (PP)
Details icon
Cuff Material:
Polypropylene (PP)
Details icon
Heat Moldability:
Not heat moldable
Details icon
Material Upper / Liner:
Nylon, synthetic leather
Details icon
Top Closure:
Micro adjustable buckle
Details icon
45° Closure / Front Foot Closure:
Velcro strap / Standard lacing
Details icon
Two piece construction with EVA padding
Details icon
Liner Top Closure:
No closure
Details icon
Standard EVA innersole
Details icon
Details icon
Inline Skate Height in CM:
25,5cm (size 32-35)
Details icon
Frame Material:
polypropylene (PP)
Details icon
Frame Mounting Standard:
Standard Side Mount
Details icon
Max. Wheel Size:
28-31 = 64mm / 31-34 = 72mm / 34-37 = 72mm / 37-40 = 76mm
Details icon
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM):
28-31 = 7.8" (197mm) / 31-34 = 8.6" (218mm) / 34-37 = 8.8" (224mm) / 37-40 = 10.0" (254mm)
Details icon
Frame Axles:
Double axle steel 6mm, hex 4mm
Details icon
Adjustable Side to Side:
No, side mounting frame
Details icon
Adjustable Front to Back:
No, side mounting frame
Details icon
Frame Manufacturing Process:
Unibody injection molding
Details icon
Wheel Name:
Details icon
Wheel Diameter:
28-31 = 64mm / 31-34 = 70mm / 34-37 and 37-40 = 72mm
Details icon
Wheel Hardness:
Details icon
Wheel Compound:
HR= High Rebound, Cruising Comfort
Details icon
Wheel Bearing Standard:
608 standard
Details icon
Wheel Spacer:
Composite tube spacer, 6mm
Details icon
Wheel Width:
Details icon
Bearing Rating:
Details icon
Bearing Standard:
608 standard
Details icon
Bearing Material:
Carbon steel
Details icon
Bearing Shield:
ZZ, double sided steel shield
Details icon
Bearing Lubrication:
Details icon
Included Accessories:
Replacement double axle (short) in case of brake take out, tool - hex 4mm
Details icon
Brake info:
Compatibility Joker Brake Pad
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Wheel Manufacturing Process:
Details icon
Wheel Setup:
28-31 = 4x64mm / 31-34 = 4x70mm / 34-37 = 4x72mm / 37-40 = 4x76mm
B (skates); Level B (protective gear set)
Max. tested User Weight:
20-60kg (skates); 25-50kg (protective gear set)
2 Years
EN Standard
{"13843"=>"2009 (skates)", "14120"=>"2007 (protective gear set)"}
Letter of Conformity
Technology_Inline Skates_Unibody
Technology_Inline Skates_X-Pand
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