Elite Deadly Smoke Grey (include removable peak)

920110 | Shiny Grey | 1 pc.
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ENNUI Elite Deadly Smoke Grey Helmet - Revolutionary action sports helmet. Innovative honeycomb skeleton, lightweight, low volume, removable peak.

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It just may be the best action sports helmet on the market - it’s the ENNUI Elite Deadly Smoke Grey and it has redefined what a stunt helmet can be. It took nearly 3 years of development, but ENNUI has released this innovative helmet that really is the whole package - Low-volume, lightweight, stylish, and incredibly protective. The secret to this revolutionary helmet is in the unique manufacturing process. While most helmets are constructed out of EPS foam injected in molds or separate parts and then glued together with an ABS or PVC shell, the ENNUI Elite Deadly Smoke Grey stunt helmet is created using a unique process called “over injected honeycomb skeleton”. The innovative EPS honeycomb skeleton is then over-injected with PVC. The ENNUI Elite Deadly Smoke Grey provides a host of benefits while maintaining an incredible level of protection. The honeycomb skeleton allows the helmet to be incredibly low volume, eliminates, bulkiness and provides a fantastic, comfortable fit. For the ultimate action sports helmet look no further than the ENNUI Elite Deadly Smoke Grey. The helmet complies with the European safety standard for bicycle helmets.
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245g (54-59cm)
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Head Circumferences / Sizes:
54cm - 59cm
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Adjustable Head Ring:
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Outside Shell Construction:
Dual in-mold
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Outside Shell Material:
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Padding Material Helmet:
Sealed EVA pads (3 different sizes)
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Honey comb EPS
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Straps Helmet:
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Closure Helmet:
Easy clip buckle
CE Certificate
2 Years
Test Report
EN Standard
EN 1078: 2012
Letter of Conformity