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ENNUI has always been at the forefront of helmet development. The first collections showcased added-on visors, caps and other stylish parts, setting a trend followed by many other brands. It was always the aim of ENNUI to make a truly unique helmet: low in volume, perfect in protection, superior in fit and amazing in design. After almost 3 years of development, we presented the new ENNUI Elite helmet in 2020.

Elite Helmet

The helmet is manufactured using a new process known as over-injected honeycomb skeleton. All other helmets are made from EPS foam injected in molds, or separate parts, which are then glued together to an ABS or PVC shell. The Elite helmet first begins as a honeycomb structure injected from the best shock absorbing plastic and is then additionally over-injected with EPS. This way, the wall thickness and weight can be reduced drastically, while also improving the look and fit. It is the lightest and lowest volume helmet on the market that passes all safety standards. The helmet can be described as sleek, lightweight and revolutionary. Available in multiple colors and cool designs, the Elite is the new flagship product of ENNUI.

City Brace

The infamous ENNUI City Brace is based on medical arm braces and designed for extreme action sports. It offers great wrist protection against impact or abrasion and helps prevent sprains. The City brace is everyone’s favorite for more than just one reason.

Freeride Glove

The ENNUI Freeride gloves have all the essential elements of a great downhill glove with a simple and minimalistic design. The slim and short construction of the gloves allows for free movements and pleasant fitting. No matter if you are learning to slide or are a professional skater, the Freeride gloves won’t disappoint you.

Shock Sleeves

The ENNUI Shock Sleeve and Shock Sleeve Pro gaskets are probably the most advanced slip-on joint knee & elbow sleeves in the market. They provide a lightweight and low-profile soft-shell protection with maximum flexibility. The ENNUI Shock sleeves offer reliable crash protection and slide function with outstanding freedom of movement.

BLVD Protective Shorts

The ENNUI BLVD pants provide protection for the hips, tailbone, thighs and back of the legs. The padding is completely removable, so you can customize the pants to your own needs. Apart from the padding, the protective pants also contain removable plastic caps for the hip and tailbone area. Only the best materials are used to give you the most pleasant feeling protective pants ever.

Park Knee Gasket

The ENNUI Park Knee Gasket is another perfect piece of protective design. Lightweight, perfect fitting and highly protective. The rounded-shaped dual-density padding adapts to your knee avoiding any slippage or movement. Paired with the ENNUI external plastic cap and side protectors, this deliver great all-around protection and good slides in any situation. The lightweight construction gives a lot of freedom to move whilst remaining protected.

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