AG 15 Montre Livingston Pro Skate white / black

10105 | Black/White | Pair
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Ultimate skating boot for aggressive skating, fully customizeable with heatmoldable liner and carbon shell

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Introducing the Iqon AG15 Montre Livingston Pro Skate, a groundbreaking model that epitomizes the synergy of style, performance, and innovation. This exceptional skate, the first-ever IQON pro model, is designed in collaboration with Montre Livingston, celebrating his unparalleled skill and vibrant personality.

Inspired by 90s Culture
The AG15 is a homage to the iconic 90s hip-hop and graffiti culture. Its design reflects the era's distinctive "fat shoe" aesthetic, featuring a widened lace area and an extra-thick tongue, providing both a nostalgic look and a secure, comfortable fit. The vegan leather boots are a nod to ethical fashion, ensuring style without compromise.

Advanced Fit and Comfort
Say goodbye to the 45° strap; the AG15 introduces a revolutionary free-floating lace system that eliminates heel lift and secures the boot to your foot. This innovation, combined with the new IQON (4position) adjustable cuffs and Kizer Supreme buckles, offers unparalleled support and stability, making it ideal for wizard skating and aggressive maneuvers.

The AG15 is equipped with Create Originals frames available in two colorways, perfectly matching the skate's theme. These frames are paired with the ultra-reactive 58mm PU compound wheels from JBah and The WIN Brand. The hand-lasted, glass-fiber reinforced carbon boot is lightweight yet durable, while the heat-moldable MYFIT Prime liner guarantees a plush, personalized fit.

Craftsmanship and Durability
Every element of the AG15 is crafted with precision. The robust leather, durable nylon upper material, and hand-lasted construction reflect Iqon's commitment to quality and longevity. The inclusion of Montre's Pro frame from Create Original adds to the skate's stability and control, ensuring a responsive and dynamic skating experience.

Experience the ultimate in comfort, control, and style with a skate that embodies Montre Livingston's legacy and passion for skating.

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Product Overview_Level_03_advanced
Product Overview_Level_04_expert
Product Overview_Level_05_pro
Product Overview_Support_02_high
Product Overview_Forward Flex_03_medium
Medium to wide
Hybrid carbon boot; hand lasted; UFS mounting; Iqon x MYFIT Prime liner; heat moldable MYFIT shell with 110°C and liner with 80°C
Create Original; Nylon composite; UFS mounting; 4x58mm flat
injection molded
WIN Montre Pro; 58mm/88A; Ultra Reactive Polyurethane
Wicked; ABEC 9; chrome steel
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Boot Type:
Carbon hybrid with replaceable liner, handmade
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Single sizes, full sizes only
Details icon
Shell / Outsole Material:
Carbon composite, kevlar reinforced, heat moldable; Soulplate made of DuPont Zytel material
Details icon
Cuff Material:
Nylon composite material with glassfiber
Details icon
Heat Moldability:
MYFIT liner with 80°C, and shell with 110°C
Details icon
Material Upper / Liner:
Leather, Microfiber, PU leather, microfiber lining
Details icon
Top Closure:
Micro adjustable Kizer Supreme buckle
Details icon
45° Closure / Front Foot Closure:
45° lace lock loop
Details icon
IQON X MYFIT Prime liner
Details icon
Liner Top Closure:
Details icon
MYFIT EVA skatesole
Details icon
Shock Absorber:
Replaceable MYFIT PU shock absorber
Details icon
Perforated MYFIT liner
Details icon
Inline Skate Height in CM:
Details icon
Frame Name:
Create Original
Details icon
Frame Material:
Nylon composite
Details icon
Frame Mounting Standard:
UFS mounting
Details icon
Max. Wheel Size:
Details icon
Frame Axles:
8mm steel axles
Details icon
Frame Manufacturing Process:
Injection molding
Details icon
Plate Manufacturing Process:
injection molded
Details icon
Wheel Name:
WIN Montre Pro
Details icon
Wheel Diameter:
Details icon
Wheel Hardness:
Details icon
Wheel Compound:
Ultra Reactive Polyurethane
Details icon
Wheel Bearing Standard:
608 standard
Details icon
Wheel Spacer:
AL floating (UFO) spacer, 8mm
Details icon
Wheel Width:
Details icon
Bearing Brand:
WCD Wicked
Details icon
Bearing Rating:
Details icon
Bearing Standard:
608 standard
Details icon
Bearing Material:
Chrome steel
Details icon
Bearing Shield:
RZ, single sided rubber coated steel shield
Details icon
Bearing Lubrication:
Kyodo grease
Details icon
Head Circumferences / Sizes:
Details icon
Length of Laces per Shoesize:
180cm (37-41), 190cm (42-47)
Details icon
Details icon
Special fitting information:
Standard fit per size, shell heat moldable
Details icon
Wheel Manufacturing Process:
Details icon
Wheel Setup:
4x58mm flat
Max. tested User Weight:
2 Years
Letter of Conformity
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Technology_General_MYFIT Technology
Technology_General_Carbon Fiber
Technology_Inline Skates_RCC= Rocker Canting Cuff
Technology_Inline Skates_3D Adapt Padding
Heat Molding Technology
UFS Technology
Vegan Technology
DuPont Zytel
Microfiber Technology
Ballistic Nylon Technology
Carbon Cuff Technology
3D Printed Protector Technology
Carbon Compression Molding Technology
Rocker Cuff Technology