Xavi Eguino

USD Am Team

Name: Xavi Eguino Alcazar 

DOB: 13-02-1996 

Nationality: Peru 

Current Location: Barcelona, Spain 

Bio: I love to skate everywhere, street and skatepark and I always arrive late to the sessions ?  

Current or favorite set up: USD Carlos Bernal, Kaltik Mery Muñoz frames 

Why USD?: I started in USD thanks to Oli Benet and skate most of the time with Mery Muñoz, she’s helped me a lot too. I have the best teammates, I love the brand philosophy which makes me proud to be a part of it! 

Favorite/Funny tour story: Any trip with my crew Watermelon Roll, we have the best moments, I can remember every trip like it was yesterday.

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