Wake Shepman

USD Am Team

Name: Wake Shepman 

DOB: 17/12/1996  

Nationality: American 

Current Location: St George, Utah. 

Bio: My name is Wake Schepman. For the past 19 years rollerblading has given me so much and is still changing my life every day for the better. I turned pro in the AIL/WRS Circuit at 12 years old. Since then, I have had the privilege to travel the world competing and performing shows. I performed with teams such as Dialed Action Sports, Enemy Opposition, All Wheel Sports in the United States, and around the world with Nitro Circus. I then took two years off from skating to go on a service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Serve in Uruguay. I gained a great perspective on many different things in life, and now I am enjoying rollerblading more than ever. I am back doing what I love on my favorite skates!  

Current or favorite Set up: Lomax Aeon

Why USD?: When I began skating at 5 years old it was always my goal to be the best skater I could be. My parents being the awesome supportive parents they are decided to film me as a 5-year-old kid and sent that video to skate companies. I will never forget getting a USD t-shirt signed by everyone on the pro team and a note that encouraged me to keep on skating. That meant everything to me at that time, so when USD offered me an opportunity to skate with them, I was so stoked! They have always been and still are my favorite skates.  

Favorite/ Funny tour or travel story: One of my favorite memories being on tour was with Nitro Circus when I landed a 1620 on tour. I will never forget the feeling I had of 30,000 people in the arena going crazy. To top it all off when I got to the bottom of the landing the Nitro crew straight up tackled me and were going crazy celebrating. It was an awesome feeling landing a trick that I worked so hard for and people that wanted to see it happen were there to celebrate it with me.

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