Thor Garcia

USD Young Squad

Name: Thor Garcia 

DOB: April 18, 2015

Nationality: USA/Mexican/Danish/Dutch

Current Location: Long Beach CA USA

Instagram: @vikings_on_skates

Bio: Say hello to the dynamo that is 8-year-old Thor Garcia! Hailing from the lively streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, and now bringing his boundless energy to the United States, Thor is a linguistic maestro, rocking Danish, Dutch, Spanish, and English with flair. But wait, there's more – he's diving headfirst into the challenge of mastering Korean! When he's not conquering new languages, you'll catch Thor tearing up the skatepark on his blades, where he feels right at home. With a heart that beats for "Star Wars" and "Avatar: The Last Airbender," Thor engages in epic lightsaber duels and playful bending adventures during his free time. Thor's life is a dazzling mix of school smarts, language exploration, adrenaline-fueled rollerblading, and all-around awesome adventures – making him the coolest and most dynamic 8-year-old in the neighborhood!


Current setup: Main: USD AEON Crofts II, with OTAD 60mm Aluminum Core Wheels and UC 45mm anti-rocker 60D

Secondary: Sway Sagona Allstar on Create Original Frames with OTAD 60mm Aluminum Core Wheels and UC 45mm anti-rocker 60D

Why USD:   Rachard Johnson! He has helped me from day 1 and has been a huge inspiration in my blading journey. 

Also, My first adult aggressive skate was the Dominic Segona’s and from that point on I was sold on USD. I currently ride the Aeons as they are super light, but I still ride my Sagona’s from time to time as well. 

Favorite/Funny tour story: A while ago my sister & I were practicing at our local skatepark. I was going for a top acid, but Astrid was being super silly that day and every time I grinded it, she would yell: RIDE!! not a grind! 

It was just super funny and I couldn’t concentrate at all, because all she did was sit next to me and yell: it’s a ride! Not a grind.