Sven Ischen

USD Am Team

Name: Sven Ischen 

DOB: 28.08.1995 

Nationality: German 

Current Location: Witten, Germany 

Bio: Using negative plates 90% of the time. 

Current or favorite set up: Carbon free’s, Borklyn Zoo Kizer frames, Undercover 60mm wheel Anti, Wicked Bearings 

Why USD?: I just wanna make my mom proud whilst stacking cash. 

Favorite/Funny tour story: Being excited about weeks looking forward to skate ˋTHAT PARK´ miles away just to realize I forgot my skates at home. I had to skate some bricks instead! Also forgot my skates at a street spot and questioning where my skates are at the second one — Found them laying in the middle of the street after looking for them.

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