Roman Abrate

USD Pro Team

Name: Roman Abrate

DOB: 16/11/1987

Nationality: France

Current Location: Gap, France

BIO: I started skating in 2003, I was 15years old when I put my 1st pair of skate. Pretty late.. but I was so happy and free on my skates and I immediately I knew it was something that would be part of my life. In this time Alfano was living near my home and he was a big inspiration for me (for park skating) has much as Feinberg and Chris Farmer that I was watching in the 1st Dvd I bought: « Word ». At this age I was pretty competitor (probably cause my brother have almost the same age as me and we was all the time in competition.. haha) so I skated lot to progress fast. Learning new tricks everyday was making me happy. I finally competed all over the world with my Idols, and it’s a great feeling for me to be there skating with them. In 2013, I moved to Gap city, I started to train with ski guys. It was a good opportunity for me to keep progressing, learning new moves (especially new spin and flips from ski) and finally found my own way to skate. 

In 2017 I won the 1st official World Championship in China, and the year after USD offered me my 1st Pro skate ! I couldn't thanks them enough for this. Still happy all the time I put my skates one. I keep skating the way I love, pushing myself as much as I can, as you maybe saw in my E-Fise section recently. Current or Favourite set up: Aeon XIX, 64mm UC Apex Wheels.

Why USD?: I’m really proud to be part of USD team ! Since I was kid I was watching the video of my Idols like Famer, Feinberg, Rachard, etc.. USD team always had the best teams and it was for me a dream to be part it one day. Also happy to be part of a company that always support the riders and push the sport forward with new products and innovation. You can feel the love we have for Inline skating!

Favourite/Funny tour story: So many good memories in my head.. but I guess my favorite moments are the most simple ones. Just having fun with my friends, skating until the night and come back happy at home about the amazing day you spent doing what you love.

E-Fise - Pro Park 1st, Park Best Line 1st, Park Best Trick 1st (2020) Baltic Games, Big Air 1st (2019)
World Urban Games, Budapest 1st (2019) Ghetto Games 1st: (2018)
World roller Games, China: 1st (2017, 2018)
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