Patrycja Najda


Name: Patrycja Najda 

DOB: 08.03.2001 

Nationality: Polish 

Current location: Katowice, Poland 

BIO: I’ve been skating since 2013. I have started my adventure with freestyle slalom, achieved few Polish Championship titles, and then changed my lifestyle, mindset, and goals in blading in 2015! I totally fell in love with aggressive skating. Family vibe and friendly, supportive bladers and BLADIES took my heart! I’m a student, in-line instructor, traveler, Polish Champion, and a girl who’s living a happy life!

Favorite set up: USD Aeon skates, Super Bullet Undercover wheels, Wicked ILQ 9 Classic bearings, MyFit 2nd Skin liner, Powerslide Gel Toe Cover 

Why USD: I’ve chosen USD mostly because I really love their products. Aeon lightweight unibody construction with UC pointy wheels makes a perfect setup for my kind of skating. I feel super comfortable with this. Besides, it’s an honor to be a part of a team with such amazing bladers! I appreciate how they take care of the crew, stay in touch with me and take into consideration my feedbacks.