Mery Munoz

USD Pro Team

Name: Mery Munoz

Nationality: Spanish

Current Location: Barcelona

Bio: Born in Bilbao , Spain. Always involved with sports activity since I was a kid. Thanks to my parents I was able to play Tennis, Swimming races, Athleticism, Karate and football . I was a bit hyperactive girl so once I had a pair of skates under my feet , felt in love with what will be my favorite sport ever. 18 years later, still with the same passion for wheels. Many travels and podiums around the world , getting to know good friends and new cultures thanks to my skates. Managed to earn a Pro title on a male dominated sport . Dreams come true when you believe in yourself. Moving to Barcelona was a great idea if I wanted to keep evolving as a inline skater and produce cool videos for my sponsors. Thanks USD for all the support!! 

Current or Favourite set up: Mery Munoz Pro Aeon, Mery Munoz Pro UC wheels

Big Wheel Blading awards: Female Agg skater of the year (2018, 2019, 2020) X Crews skater of the year 2019 Mery Muñoz X Crews Skater of the year 2020 2nd place One mag Bladie of the year: 2020 Be-Mag Bladie of the year: 2019
1st Winterclash women (2017, 2019) 1st British Inline Championship (2018, 2019) Spanish womens Champion: (2017, 2018, 2019) 1st FISE Montpellier 2018
1st Ghetto Games women 2018 1st Real Street Contest 2018 E-Fise 2020: 1st Park women
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