Krystian Zarzeczny

USD Am Team

Name: Krystian Zarzeczny

DOB: 05.01.1991

Nationality:  Polish

Current Location:  Tarnowskie Góry

Bio: I like all kinds of inline skating, but I only love aggressive skating, especially street skating!

Current or favourite set up: Skates: Usd - Sway 60 - Black; Frames: Kizer Fluid IV - Black; Liners: Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy Dual Fit; Wheels: Undercover Cosmic Pulse 60mm/88a Bullet Profile; Bearings: Wicked Twincam ILQ 9 CL - Inline.

Why USD?: Because I love the USD SWAY model. I fell in love with them from the very first session. Best skates ever made! 

Favourite/Funny tour/travel story: 12 years ago I got lost in Lublin with a broken phone, no wallet and I didn't know the name of the street where I was staying. The only thing I remembered were a couple of handrails in the area. After a few hours, I found the first handrail and this is how I came to my friends where I stayed for the night.