Kirill Kochetkov

USD Am Team

Name: Kirill Kochetkov 

DOB: 18.05.1996 

Nationality: Russian 

Current Location: Tyumen, Russia. 

Bio: I grew up in Siberia. After seeing a blade competition in 2009, I started skating. In my daily life, I work on developing my atelier. I love to travel, fall in love with the style and enjoy life. 

Current or favorite set up: USD Carbon Free 

Why USD?: Strong and motivating team. Stylish videos. Russian Legend Zhenya Leonov rides for USD 

Favorite/Funny tour story: One-day Embily tour2020, in the southern port city of Novorossiysk. It was very hot during the day, everyone was rolling out, filming tricks. At one point, Ilya Sovosin said that he had found the water perilla and wanted to do a trick there. When we got there, everyone started jumping from the pier to salty the water. Ilya took off the trick. It was fun and wet.

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