Jeremy Mélique

USD Ambassador

Name: Jeremy Melique 

DOB: 09.04.1993 

Nationality: French 

Current Location: Nice, France 

Bio: I'm from the south of France and I’ve been skating for 15 years. I regularly travel the world for contests and some of my best results include winning the FISE world Montpelier (2019), taking 2nd place at the World Roller Games in China (2017), and 3rd place at the World Roller Games in Barcelona (2019).  

Current or favorite set up: Bernal Carbon-free, Kaltik Flat frames, Undercover Wheels.  

Why USD?: I have tried many other brands and this is the only one where I am really comfortable. There is also an excellent choice of different models and the quality is perfect. I also like the riders who are part of this team, I find that there is good energy, each person has such a high level of skating. I am very grateful to be able to represent this brand and to share a moment of skating with this team! Thanks, USD.  

Favorite/Funny tour story: Is a difficult choice, but I think my favorite times are when I’m really feeling the adrenaline out there! When I go for my final run or when I learn a new trick! Simply put, it’s when I have my skates on and I’m sharing this passion with my friends and family.

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