Jaro Frijn

USD Young Squad

Name: Jaro Frijn 

DOB: 27-12-2000 

Nationality: Dutch 

Current Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Bio: Dutch gun who likes to go high and fast. Following the FISE World series since 2017. Currently 4th on the Fise world ranking. I also like street now and then. 

Current or favorite set up: USD Aeon Sam Crofts, 60mm Famous wheels (Flat).

Why USD?: I love how many different setups you have with USD. For example, I've skated the 72 mm Aeon frame with 68mm wheels for a long time, I wanted to go fast and high but still be able to do technical grinds. 

Funny tour story: Because of all the people and the pressure I used to put on myself at competitions I was getting so nervous that I used to get sick. Now I'm all over that and skating competitions it is what I love to do most. Also a funny story is that hardly anyone international can pronounce my surname correctly.

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