Jakob Esselmann

USD Young Squad

Name: Jakob Esselmann

Age: 10 years (10.12.2011)

When did you start skating? I started rollerblading at the age of 6, and started aggressive skating at the age of 7

Why did you start skating? I started playing ice hockey at the age of 4 1/2, and when I turned 6 I also started to play roller hockey. Roller hockey was never really my thing, so my dad who is a first-generation aggressive skater himself took me to a local skatepark. I immediately fell in love with the sport!

Does your family skate too? My dad used to be an aggressive skater but unfortunately can not skate park anymore due to health issues. But my mom and dad still enjoy skating outside as a family and enjoy the nature and freedom on skates! 

What do you like best about skating? I love the community and hang out with friends at the skateparks. Aggressive Skating is addictive and fun! It’s all about falling down and getting up again, expanding your own borders, and overcoming fear! 

What is your aim in skating?  Of course, I always want to be the best in what I do, and enjoy it as long as I can! My personal long time goal would be to show the next generation of kids how beautiful our sport is! I hope to help and encourage kids all over the world to put on skates, and fill the skateparks with rollerbladers again!

Who is your skate idol? So many good rollerbladers out there, but if I would have to pick one person special it would be Montre Livingston