Haruhi Shimizu

USD Young Squad

Name: Haruhi Shimizu

DOB: 2010/09/27


Current Location: Kobe-city.Japan

Instagram: @haruhi_gram

Bio: The first international competition was the FISE Montpelier in 2022. I participated in the amature class and won the park and spineramp. It also came in third at the World Roller Games Vert Proclass held this year. In 2023, she won two consecutive FISE montpelier amatures. I won the national championship with Park and Vert.

Current set up: I like the 60mm aeon promodel equipped with Dual Fit Liner and Undercover Apex 60.

Why USD: Both vert and park have straight-forward stability, so i can skate without slowing down.

Favorite/Funny tour story: I like the atmosphere of the competition held overseas.The venue and atmosphere of nlcontest and winterclash are wonderful and I would like to participate many times. I also want to experience many other things.