Eugen Enin

USD Pro Team

Name: Eugen Enin

DOB: 21.04.1991

Nationality: German/Ukrainian 

Current Location: Borken, Germany

Bio: Energized Village Skatepark kid who grew into a Parttime Student & Fulltime street Ninja Hahahah. Just trying to ride the wave as long as possible and don’t take my self to serious along the way. Same old school, different era.

Current or Favourite set up: USD Shadow EE Proskate. Other then that I really love the Carbon free models.

Why USD?: USD always had a massive impact on my view on Blading. From the early days with people Like DL and Feinberg to Sagona, Billy, Leonov and later Lomax, Kelso and Richie. All of them inspired what I’m doing today on wheels. Beeing now part of that Team that I always looked up to is just insane to me, especially with all the new inspiring Riders that I call my Team mates now. I just feel blessed about this chance.

Favourite/Funny tour story: Getting brainwashed by the infamous playlist of media mastermind Mark Heuss and having those songs stuck in my mind until to this day Hahahah. Joking in funny accents, long nights, great conversations. Just great times and lots of laughter. On a few trips I learned more about life then in years of day to day regular life. Feeling pretty humbled about these experiences.

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