Armelle Tisler


Name: Armelle Tisler  

DOB: 08/01/2001 

Nationality: French  

Current Location: Marseille  

Bio: I love to travel for contests and meet new bladers from all around the world. My best results include 2nd at Winterclash (2020), French Champion (2020), 1st place FISE European series (2019). 

Current set up: Sam Crofts Aeon 60 

Why USD?: I’ve been skating these skates since I was 8 years old haha! I really love the skates, they fit my feet perfectly. But also the team is another reason I ride for USD. All the riders really inspire me and I love their styles. 

Favorite/Funny tour story: The first time I went to Winterclash in 2017 I met Eugen Enin for the first time and I was like “no I can’t talk to him OMG!” My friend went to him and said “hey this girl is your biggest fan she wants to take a photo with you”  …I was so embarrassed!

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