Albert Hooi

USD Allstar Team

Name: Albert Hooi

DOB: 21/01/1984

Nationality: Irish / Malaysian

Current Location: Dublin, Ireland

Instagram: @alberthooi


Current set up:

Lomax Aeons with Dano Gorman BHC Wheels

Favourite set up:

Grey Classic Throne with 50/50 juice system, white 50/50 frames and black cuffs. Coup de Tat set up. 

Why USD?: 

USD are consistently innovating and making new products, they’ve always had incredible teams and management and the Aeon is one of my favourite skates so far.  

Favourite/Funny tour story: 

Louie Zamora introduced me to my first cocktail at an ASA event in Rome, I drank loads of them not knowing how much alcohol was in them and blacked out and had to be taken to hospital, the lads said when I was on the stretcher getting taken out of the club I shot up and shouted I’m too young to die then lay back down and went off in the ambulance.

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