Eco - Roll for change


Products committed to be as eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing performance and durability.

Powerslide has never given up on our goal of working in harmony with the planet. Our injection molded parts use a minimum of 40% recycled materials or added wheat to them. To reinforce the plastic we add hemp instead of fiberglass. We’re taking further steps in our efforts to go green with these skates, including the fact that all production is handled within a 50km radius from the wheels and injection parts to the assembly line, keeping any pollution to a minimum. Little or no prints, our aluminum frames are made from 100% recycled raw aluminum. The metal eyelets and hinge rivets are made of the same uncoated materials, while the laces of the skate are made from cotton, and the lining materials are made with bamboo or recycled PET bottles. The interior padding is made from recycled, extremely comfortable foam while the upper materials are based on canvas, hemp and cotton.

There is no chemical ink or PVC material used on any part of the skate. It's time to "Roll for change".