Aireale Boggess

Chaya Derby Pro Team

Name: Aireale Boggess

NickName: Jones, Murda

Country: US

Current Location: Euless TX

Loving to skate since: skating derby since 2012

Riding for Chaya/PS since: 2015

Current Skate Setup: Custom Chaya Onyx, shive plate w/ clip axels, juice drivers or juice javas depending on the floor Chaya Karma Pros, Shiva Plate, Xtendr long trucks, Estrogen bowl bomber wheels, CIB sliders, Bling Tings nuts.

Why do you love to skate? I love the community it makes skating that much more fun

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? I’m always wanting to get better, I try to make goals each season so that I always have something to push for

What was your greatest success? Winning the bronze medal at MRDA champs in 2019

What is your favorite competition? Rollercon!

What is your favorite move/trick? I love a good plow stop

What advice would you like to give? Dont forget the basics. You are never too good to continue to perfect your basic skills, they are the base for everything you do

Any hobbies outside of skating? Gardening

What is your favorite moment in skating? Skating on a vert ramp a few weeks ago, or finding a skate park on the side of a mountain when I was in New Mexico.

Tell us about your personal philosophy, phrase, ethic, and/or value as a skater! Yes you can write a book…? I think for me as a sponsored skater is actually showing the process and being honest about your struggles. I want to always be an accessible skater and person.