Crown Dual Fit Liner

908174 | Black/Red | Pair
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MYFIT Crown Dual Fit Liner - Thick, comfortable liner for aggressive and urban inline skates. Voluminous cuff, customizable features, flexible.

6 - 7 (US M), 7 - 8 (US W), 5 - 6 (UK), 242mm - 248mm (Mondo)
7,5 - 8 (US M), 8,5 - 9 (US W), 6,5 - 7 (UK), 255mm - 261mm (Mondo)
9 - 10 (US M), 10 - 11 (US W), 8 - 9 (UK), 268mm - 275mm (Mondo)
10,5 - 11 (US M), 9,5 - 10 (UK), 282mm - 289mm (Mondo)
12 - 12,5 (US M), 11 - 11,5 (UK), 296mm - 303mm (Mondo)
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The MYFIT Crown dual fit liner was developed in cooperation with USD, the market leader of aggressive skates, sets a new standard in liner technology. It's jam-packed with more technical features than the average middle-class car. The Recall Fit is an instant memory fit that adjusts to the shape of your feet. Every time you step in, you will feel the "Recall effect": soft foams wrapping smoothly around your feet for perfect contact and comfort. You can easily customize the liner's shape to your feet thanks to the heat-moldable function, making pressure points a thing of the past. Thanks to a stretchable front part, the liner fits 2 sizes at once and adjusts better to your foot shape. The forward and sideways flex of the liner can be easily adjusted to your personal needs by simply removing or adding the support sheets in the tongue and power arch pockets. Also, the cuff support strap can be adjusted in both height or lateral positions. The lacing on the Crown liner adds extra stability and heel lock for maximum control and performance. The lace loops on the liner allow for two options – to lace just the liner or to connect both the shell and liner to further increase the heel lock. In order to protect the liner from wear and tear, we have covered the ankle area with sturdy PU-leather. Countless small silicon dots all over the back of the liner increase the heel grip, making sure the liner never slips inside of the shell which creates great power transfer. The liner is equipped with an effective and detachable shock absorber. If jumping downstairs is your thing, you do not want to sleep on this feature! To sum it up, the MYFIT Crown liner is as good as liners get. Recommended for all wider fitting hardshell skates with the volume for a thicker liner or Razor skates, USD Aeons, USD VII´ as well as USD Sway skates.
MYFIT liner with 90°C
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Dual sizes with stretch toe system
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Liner Thickness Front:
9mm PU, memonry foam, SBR
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Liner Thickness Ankle:
14mm SBR, EVA, memory foam & sheet
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Liner Thickness Cuff:
26mm SBR, EVA, memory foam, sheet & top PU collar
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Liner Thickness Tongue:
22mm SBR, EVA, memory foam & sheet
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Heat Moldability:
MYFIT liner with 90°C
Details icon
Material Upper:
Polyurethane, elastane and SBR
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Top Closure:
Lace loops on 360° wrap
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Bottom Closure:
Lacing with loops
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MYFIT skatesole
Details icon
Padding Material:
Polyurethane, EVA- and memory foam
Details icon
Outsole Material:
PVC grip material
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Carry System:
Rear strap
Details icon
Soft, wide with extra PE sheet
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Grip System:
Silicon prints on heel
Details icon
High grade velvet and SBR
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Both side against damage caused by hinge screws and antirivits
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Low to high (extra reinforcement parts)
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Liner Height in CM:
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Extra Features:
Exchangeable tounge and side PE sheet for flex control
2 Years
Technology_Inline Skates_MYFIT Heat Molding
Technology_Inline Skates_MYFIT Dual Fit
Technology_General_3D Anatomical Padding
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