45 Velcro Stripe (black/red)

60113 | white/red
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45° Velcro Stripe closure for Gawds 1 skates (excluding hardware for assembly!)

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Elevate your inline skating game with our Gawds 45 Velcro Stripe. Designed specifically for Franky’s pro models, this Velcro Stripe features a 45-degree angle design that provides maximum stability and control. Made with durable materials, it features a strong adhesive backing and a reliable Velcro design that allows for easy lace-in and out. The stripe comes in black color with red details to match your style, and it's perfect for skaters of all levels. Order now and experience the difference with our Gawds 45 Velcro Stripe on your skates. Comes in pairs (excluding hardware for assembly)
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