Founded in Huntington Beach, California, USAthe company pioneered the 2-piece hollow hub for inline racing.  MATTER combined the new hollow core technology with a next-generation polyurethane formula, specifically designed for high end racing inline skating. One of the great successes of the MATTER brand from its inception, was the ability to capitalize on important feedback form World Team Skaters and field testing data to better develop its racing product.  Neal Piper, with a mechanical engineering background, started design racing wheels for inline industry in the late 1980’s.  He designed and developed the Hyper Inline Racing wheel product in the 1990’s.  But today, as founder of a new inline racing brand for the modern 2000’s, he started the course of MATTER history with a new goal and desire.  MATTER would utilize “elite racer developed” product targeted at specific world championships and specific racing events around the world.  The man loves any racing challenge and paired withTony Gabriele and Matthias Knoll to develop a complete worldwide racing brand with a specific distribution system for all type of inline racings products. Kalon Dobbin won first world champinship gold medal on the 300m and Jurgen Pfitzner was promoting the wheels at event for the first time. 
Matter logo and headquarters


MATTER quickly became the ultimate wheel of choice with the now famous yellow MATTER and GREEN MATTER hollow core.  This technology provided the best rolling performance for 84mm through 100mm.  Ahead of the older Hyper Wheels brand now, MATTER was the new choice of the best inline skaters in the world including Chad Hedrick and Joey Mantia. These elite skaters continued to push and fine tune the ultimate MATTER racing wheel designs.  The idea was “constant improvement”, and never stop developing new superior racing wheel products.  The original 2 piece hollow hub invention broke many records and changed the inline racing world forever.  MATTER designed specific wheels for each racing discipline of track, ROAD, and Marathon.



The brand grew to be the choice of track, road, and marathon skaters around the world.  Soon the weekend racing aficionado and fitness skaters discovered MATTER’s faster technology as well.  Partnered with The POWERSLIDE World Racing Team, MATTER  was used by World Champions skaters such as Pascal Briand, Alexis Contin and Kalon Dobbin.  Always focusing on elite skater input as well as R&D, MATTER was one of the 1st brands to push and obtain the legalization of the 110mm which is now the world racing standard on track. 


MATTER never stopped working with next generation of the top elite skaters such as Yann Guyader, Felix Rijhnen or Bart Swings.  From all this combined effort came the now famous MATTER G13 inline racing wheel.   Using its long history of world class racing technology and product testing, the G13 110mm wheel became the fastest wheel in the world, particular on ROAD courses and the Marathon.  World class skater product testing has always been part of the heritage of the racing brand.   This continued with yet another World Champion, Scott Arlidge who constantly pushing the limits of collaboration between engineering and elite athlete feedback on all the types of surfaces and venues in Europe, Colombia, Korea, and around the world.  From all that technical product design commitment, performance heritage, and team collaboration, MATTER G-13 is still the fastest rolling inline racing wheel in the world in 2020, almost ten years running.



The brand brought another leap in new technology for the world class racing community.  MATTER designed and developed the biggest wheel diameter in the history of inline skating the 125mm Marathon racing wheel.  Called the One20five, this high speed and lowest rolling resistance wheel allowed for 3 wheel skates to be used by the racing aficionado and even the larger recreational inline market.   Bart Swings broke the Berlin Marathon by several minutes on the new 125mm MATTER hollow core design.  MATTER and Powerslide… always aiming to take risk, and innovate inline racing products to be faster and get the maximum capability out of the human body engine.  MATTER is always committed to push “human power” vs combustion power for the freedom of all skaters to enjoy great fitness, as well as world class racing around the world.  To make the absolute best product and constantly innovate new product, is in the DNA of the founder of MATTER.  MATTER will always bring the best quality to every skater from the recreational skater, to the aficionado racer, all the way to the elite, world class professional skaters.  MATTER  and Powerslide always will keep pressing, and working hard, as the #1 Inline Racing brand in the World. 



After many years of development and pro skater collaboration, the MATTER hollow core 125mm wheel is the ultimate elite racing package for marathon competitions.  The world best skaters were then able to skate easily 42,195km distance in less than one hour.   In a similar sport culture as racing in cycling, MATTER always had the passion to support all skaters who desire to wear the rainbow jersey.   Every employee in the company will always follow this goal and be proud of MATTER products, every time a world champion is crowned using MATTER wheels.



Testing and new first time innovation continues today.  After the Yellow Hollow core of 2004, the 110mm in 2006, G-13 in 2011, and 125mm in 2014…. There is still an emphasis on new racing product research and development to allow the world’s elite skaters to…   beat their best.  Always adding to new inline speed racing records.  This is the blood and passion of MATTER.  Once again with the MATTER PROPEL wheel, it is the first asymmetric track racing wheel allowing track racers to benefit from a wheel specifically tailored for short straights and left hand turns in bank track racing.  PROPEL is designed with maximum cornering performance in a dedicated inline track racing wheel.   PROPEL was the choice of Felix Rijhnen for making the one hour record in Geisingen in 2020.