Kovtun Ivan Nikolaevich

USD Am Team

Name: Kovtun Ivan Nikolaevich 

DOB: 20.03.1991 

Nationality: Russian / Kazakhstan

Current Location: Belgorod, Russia 

Bio: Born in Kazakhstan, moved to Russia in 1995, started skating in 2006. On USD since 2018. In my free time from work and skating, I spend time with my family and friends. I also shoot videos, paint pictures, and like to read modern literature.

Current or favorite set up: Eugen Enin Pro Carbon Free 

Why USD?: The USD Carbon skates completely match my requirements. Comfortable boot, excellent design, shape, and weight. Soulplate system allows performing various types of grinding. Another reason the riding of USD riders is very impressive 

Favorite/Funny tour story: Every time I travel, something funny or interesting happens in my opinion. There is no favorite story. One thing I can say for sure. Usually, there is always at least some kind of tour plan. But interesting stories always happened when all plans collapsed, due to unexpected circumstances. This is a real adventure. One day I got into an accident in China. I crashed into a van on a motorcycle. I had no connection and money and my pants were equal. No one understood me, even in English. Everyone just communicated with gestures. The situation is not pleasant, but from the side it was funny.