Daniel Goncharov

USD Am Team

Name: Daniel Goncharov (Dany Mansky) 

DOB: 29.09.1990 

Nationality: Russian 

Current location: Belgorod, Russia 

Bio: I love video games, love to sew exclusive things, and art toys - Coyote ARTifacts since 2017. Wanna make the art cats into cartoon characters. I have been learning to play the guitar since 2014. 

Current setup: USD Aeon 

Why USD?: I remember a moment when many bladers didn’t understand the Aeon with its one-piece boot. I know I thought so too, but for 5 years now I have been blading on Aeons. I love the frame, I think it’s the perfect Flat setup. This does not interfere with making slides, allows you to move faster and more agile, and not pay attention to poor coverage. And the Aeon designs are only becoming more and more delicious. 

Funny tour story: There are many stories. How we started skating and went to the first local competitions with homies. Snickers Urbania Festival 2008 in Kharkov, we had no money to rent an apartment, we spent the night on the street and in the morning we went straight to the festival. We almost all blade to the present time and every year try to come to the AZ picnic in honor of Andrei Zaitsev. 2010 was the last Snickers Urbania Festival. As a result of a series of competitions across the country, in the end, there was a final, where all the winners for the entire season were brought. I visited 4 cities and only in Moscow took 2nd place. I did not make it to the list of finalists. But I had a ticket to the 2010 Snickers Urbania final, and it so happened that there was no finalist from Moscow and I took his place haha. I skated terribly that day. The contest judge was Frankie Morales. Z-games in Odessa, Ukraine. Together with the AGV shop, we setup a skate platform on the shores of the Black Sea, and then you skate and swim. Swet dream. Every event, and sometimes even an ordinary weekend, in which all homies gather in a skate park, can become a very soulful story that you want to keep in your memory.

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