Hollow Core Technology by Matter


Two-piece hub providing a stiff and light base for the perfect roll and push

Matter wheels staked its reputation on Hollow Core Technology. By endeavoring through a treacherous product development cycle, Matter has been able to combine lightweight with stiffness, the essential ingredients for a successful road and indoor wheel. The two pieces of the hollow core are now joined together by the so-called slip-joint, increasing the core performance and stability. The hollow core drastically reduces the weight of the wheel, making Matter wheels the most lightweight wheels on the market. This is an advantage every skater appreciates, because lighter wheels do not get you tired as fast as heavier wheels do. Another advantage is its aerodynamic construction, as air turbulences become a key factor the bigger the wheel size gets. High turbulence will decrease a wheel’s performance performance. The almost closed hub in Hollow Core Technology is very aerodynamic and massively helps to reduce this air turbulence.