Elisey Shilov

Powerslide Freestyle Family Team

Name: Elisei Shilov

Country: Russia

Current Location: Yaroslavl

Loving to skate since: I love rollerblading since I was two, when I put on rollers for the first time, looking at how my brother was rolling.

Riding for Powerslide since: I've been skating in Powerslide since 2018

Current Skate Setup: Hardcore Evo Pro, for freestyle frame Katana rocker 205mm, wheels Undercover 84mm

For speed slalom frame: Elite 3x100 205mm, wheels: Mater G13 100mm

Bearings: Wicked ABEC 9

Why do you love to skate? I love roller skates for the speed, when you rotate and everything around you moves at high speed, and I can control this speed.

What keeps you pushing forward in skating?  My dream is to become the World Champion in all disciplines that I practice.  Become the absolute World Champion.  And maybe the Olympic Games

What was your greatest success? I am a five-time champion of Russia

What is your favorite place to skate? My favorite place is the Volga river embankment on warm sunny days and people from ships watch me ride to the music.

What is your favorite trick? Heel Back Chicken 

What advice would you like to give? Just put on your roller skates and roll.

Any hobbies outside of skating? Skiing, snowboard

What is your favorite moment in skating? I love when my name is announced at a competition and people in the hall come up to watch my program, and in the end, everyone claps and congratulates me.

Tell us about your personal philosophy, phrase, ethic, and/or value as a skater! Yes, you can write a book…? Every time I put on roller skates I get better, better myself before putting on, better than anyone else in the world