My first medal at world championship

My name is Laethisia Schimek and I've been skating for 25 years now, it's my first love since I started skating at the age of only 2. When I attended my first competitions I’d be watching the older skaters and started dreaming of being as fast as, or even faster than them. When I entered the senior category I'd already won several Junior European Titles but I was hunting for more. It was when I started to beat my idols and that's when I knew that I had everything I needed to win medals at the World Championship in the senior category.


In 2016, I finally won my first bronze medal at the 100m in Nanjing... on only three wheels! Scott Aldridge, my coach back then, had the great idea to make my setup as light as possible to have an advantage against the other girls. We tested my special setup a lot before racing, we kept it secret and I only put it on the day before the 100m race. I got a lot of comments from the other coaches and athletes, mostly surprised ones and it was totally worth it. I was using a 125mm XXX frame with 3x110mm Matter G13 wheels, which worked perfectly for me. On road the G13 are well-known for having the best roll and this is an important key even for a 100m race. They are also only 152g, which is very light for a racing wheel.  My start was the fastest I have ever felt, such an incredible feeling, this is how Roadrunner must feel! The G13 compound provided an excellent grip on road. Even with 3 wheels of that quality I could reach all the potential of my push. That set up was an amazing world class compromise between weight, grip and roll.



This was a very special moment in my life which showed, that you sometimes you need to think bigger and try things nobody has done before to reach a goal you have never achieved before. Sometimes you’ve just got to re-write the rule book!