Hub story: The Disc Core

Did you ever notice that every top inline speed skater will look very careful about how a wheels hub is designed? Bart Swings is often cruising at around 50km/h or even more in the corners and that’s why he is always searching for the perfect innovation. Getting his feedback for his journey as an Olympic athlete we bring the complete R&D team to work on those perfectly round objects. For over 20 years we have put all our effort in every element of our wheels. The hub has always been a special love story for MATTER which can be seen in the special technology inside. Whilst most of the wheels are made with TPU or PC, we at MATTER have been focusing on NYLON.

The HUB of the one20five was designed with a specific focus on aerodynamics. We call it the DISC core which our engineer Neal shaped to be perfect for fighting the wind and air resistance at high speeds without any compromise on the rolling performance. Air resistance and ground friction are the 2 main elements that you will be fighting during your races. The DISC shape will not let the air turbulence get into the center of the wheels so you can maintain your speed. When the course is nicely shaped with big straight lines the one20five is the answer mainly because of its HUB. We now also use this hub for the G13 collection of 125mm.

Because of the big sized wheels, it’s recommended to have good support on the edges. When it’s time to make the double push and stay nicely on the outside edge, the straight shape of the hub will come perfectly under the pressure point to support you. The force you apply with your body weight during the transfer or the power you add during the under push will be transferred completely.  We just add a mini centered hub design to help improve the comfort on the road. The “blade” shape is fat to resist all the potential shock and it allows enough space for the bearing to sit nicely without getting any extreme compression.

“When it’s time to beat your best during a marathon with any long straight-line sections, Bart Swings will recommend you the one20five”


The hub provides a super safe support for the dual density. When it’s time to go fast, you never want to get any delamination (PU going out of the hub). The one20five hub is designed to resist huge lateral forces during your push. The inner band will then get you the support to bring torsion in the urethane when needed as well as creating compression to get the energy back at the end of the push.