Hollow Core Technology (HCT)

Our engineer team is crazy about wheel hubs. They love to design hubs and make it evolve year after year. We are in fact the only inline skating company using the 2 pieces hub construction with our nylon material to create a super light high performance wheel. Let’s jump into more details about all those hubs: It’s tech-time.

Hollow Core Technology (HTC)

Matter wheels staked its reputation on Hollow Core Technology. By traveling through a treacherous product development cycle, MATTER has been able to combine light weight with stiffness, these are the necessary ingredients for a successful Road, track and Indoor wheel. Furthermore The Matter Superjuice wheels feature the dome, the piece that sits right under the urethane that has tremendous rebound and is the reason for the outstanding roll that it´s characterized by the Matter Road and Matter Indoors performance. For all TR wheels the dome was replaced by the TR system, the two pieces of the hollow core are now joined together by the so-called ‘Slip-joint’, making the core even more stable for increased performance.

The hollow core reduces the weight of the wheel quite a bit. Matter wheels are the most lightweight wheels on the market – an advantage that a lot of skater appreciate knowing, as they do not get as tired as fast as with heavier wheels.

Another advantage of the hollow core is its aerodynamic construction. Air turbulences become a factor the bigger the wheel size gets, as higher turbulences decrease the performance of a wheel. The almost closed hub is very aerodynamic and helps to reduce the air turbulences.