Montse Garcia Soto

Chaya Lifestyle Team

Name: Montse Garcia Soto

NickName: Mon

Country: Spain

Current Location: Barcelona Spain

Loving to skate since: I was 5 years old, so 40 years at the moment

Riding for Chaya/PS since: 2021

Current Skate Set-up (boot, plate, wheels, bearings): For skate routes, roller dance, and basic spins or jumps I use the Chaya  melrose premium Red (they didn't come out yet). When I practice just figure skating more specific spins than I use and artistic set-up of skates. (risport, komplex plate, Radar wheels).

Why do you love to skate? I don't know how to describe the feeling of the moment when I put my skates on, but what I do know is that at that moment I always feel happy.

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? As I said before, first because it makes me happy to skate, and secondly, because I can't imagine my life without skates, I have spent almost my entire life dedicated to this, first as an athlete, after until now as a coach and also as a hobby and lifestyle.

What is your favorite place to skate? Barcelona, the city where I live is one of the most versatile cities for skating. I’ve also had the opportunity to visit New York several times and it’s very possible to skate through all the streets of Manhattan and discover the city on skates. Finally, another magical place for me is Venice beach in LA. It’s amazing to skate all over the sea pass and end up dancing in the best spot with the best roller dancers in the world.

What is your favorite trick/move? I love doing artistic spins, any combination, basic, one foot, camel, sit spin... it’s an incredible sensation to feel the rotation while changing from one position to another.

What advice would you like to give? When I see my students stuck or frustrated when something doesn't come out well, I always tell them the same: all of us at some point started from scratch. Just keep trying, little by little, a little becomes a lot.

Any hobbies outside of skating? I love to dance, especially urban styles. I also like hiking, trekking in the mountains. I love the beach and doing some snorkeling. 

What is your favorite moment in skating? What I like the most is the moments of routes and laughter with my friends around the city, spending hours on skates just hanging out and going anywhere, we always have a blast together. I also like when travelling that I always take my skates with me and I love discovering cities by skating them.

Tell us about your personal philosophy, phrase, ethic, and/or value as a skater! Yes, you can write a book…My motto is:  if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you. I feel like a very proactive, creative person with many curiosities, and always eager for new challenges. That is why, together with my partner Crissy, we are carrying out the Rollerfusion project, which we are expanding and modifying and each time it’s growing more. We currently have more than 150 skaters in the group who come to our classes, and we continue growing. We have the need to transmit our love for skating, and we encourage all the skaters to continue coming to classes, and also pushing them to come to the meetings we do of rollerdance at the W spot, or routes, etc. We feel that we are creating a great community of skaters in quads in Barcelona.